Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm still smiling from the goodness of our Thanksgiving and long weekend.

We spent Thursday at the new Marriott Hotel in town. J's uncle, Steve, is the manager, so we took full advantage of his position and had our Thanksgiving celebration there. It was great! The kids were able to run and watch movies and there was plenty of room for all of J's family to spread out. Not to mention, the food was stellar! After a long afternoon we spent our evening relaxing and watching Polar Express.

Friday morning I took Camden back to the doctor. She's got the nasty cold that the rest of us have been passing around. Poor baby! Later that morning Addi and I did a little Black Friday shopping and scored some serious deals! She's a trooper and I love having a good shopping partner (especially one that enjoys sharing an Auntie Anne's pretzel!). :-) Once back home we all decided to go outside and take advantage of the warmer weather. Glad we did because less than 24 hours later the snow was falling!

Cami's first walk around the block! Yes, she's in there.

The snow put us in the mood for a little Christmas decorating on Saturday. Christmas is my absolute favorite and I tend to go a little overboard, but I did my best to keep the decorating to a minimum this year, as we hope to be moving soon. The kids had fun, but weren't exactly what I would call "helpful." This year's decorating was a little more challenging, but a lot more fun. Addi seems to really "get it" this year and the excitement is building for Jesus' birthday. Saturday night we celebrated another very important birthday -- my dad will be turning 54 years young tomorrow. It's been a tough couple of months and I can't think of anyone more deserving of a celebration!

Check out our Elf on the Shelf. Have kids? You need him!

My FAVORITE Christmas decoration -- my Nativity. Or as Addi calls it, "Jesus' stage."

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

Yesterday was another great day. It was Camden's first day at Church and she did awesome! I, for one, was sooooo glad for the opportunity to worship. Between illness and Cami's birth, it had been several weeks since we had been to Church. We headed to my parent's for brunch following Church, then home for naps. After naps we had family pictures taken. Talk about chaos! Camden cried, Eli didn't smile for even one picture, and Addi wasn't her usual smiley self. Thank goodness for my mom, who came along as "crowd control." She was a life-saver! At this point, I'm hoping for just one good pic, but don't be surprised if you don't get a Christmas card from us. :-)
Today is back to the daily grind. I'm working again (kind of) and trying to get into a routine. I have to admit, it's been harder than I thought it might be, but we're surviving. The hardest part has been carrying two babies up the stairs. Elijah can't be trusted by himself, so...where Mama goes, Eli goes.
Wednesday was my first outing with kids by myself. We spent two hours preparing to leave the house, then ventured out to Target. Logistically, it took some planning, but it actually went really well! I wore Camden in the sling, Elijah rode in the front of the cart and Addison in the back. I was tempted to have a Target employee take our picture because I was so proud of myself, but decided against it, as I hated to draw even more attention to my circus. In the end, I felt really good about the adventure and am encouraged to try it again. Hey, it's the little things, people! :-)
We have a pretty low key week planned, which will be a welcomed change. Wouldn't it be a great week to sell this house?!?!?


Jenni Ross said...

you are a brave soul missy...and obviously extremely talented considering some people cannot control one child! the house looks great too someone is sure to buy it soon!!! christmas is the time for miracles :)

brilfamily said...

I love the updates Missy! Glad things are going well. As always, you children are adorable!!! From the pic's your house looks adorable so I don't doubt that you will sell it soon! Good luck!

Chandra said...

Cute pics Miss. Looks like you are quite busy! Cami is soooo cute (so are the other 2 of course!)

Kendra ;) said...

Cami is getting SO big! I love the elf on a shelf...I am ordering one! How cute! I wish there was a picture of the Target outing! ;)
They sent me a $25 e card...if I say that I am satisfied...I don't know if I am satisfied though!?!?! ;)

The Lynam's said...

Wow!! That's all I can say... you did so much more than me this weekend. I agree... you MUST get a picture of the Target outing next time. Forget what they think... it's what we FOLLOWERS think :).

peter marie said...

Congrats on your sweet baby girl!!

Pretty impressive that you've got a newborn and two other ones and still managed to get your house decorated for Christmas! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenni --- Christmas miracles!! You just never know! p.s. house looks great!


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