Monday, December 08, 2008

Another terrific weekend in the Starr house! I just love this time of year (have I mentioned that?!?)! Friday night will go down in the ol' memory as one of my favorites. All five of us (six including the dog) spent the evening cuddled on the couch watching The Grinch and eating Twizzlers. At the beginning of the night I told J, "I'm just going to hold Camden all night" and that's what I did! Pure joy, I tell ya. Sometimes I feel like I don't ever get to "just hold" her like I did the other two. J was all for it and spent the night handling Addi and Eli. Time to break out my sling and order my sleepy wrap!

Saturday Cami and I went shopping, Addi went to my parent's, and the boys watched football. No doubt, a great time for everyone! That evening J and I shipped the kids to his parent's and headed to the Trans-Tech Christmas party. Good food. Good conversation. Good times. We ended the night with a trip to Kohls and J even treated me to Starbucks before picking up the kiddos. Have you tried their salted hot chocolate?!?! Get one.

Yesterday was Church, naps, and preparing for the week. Oh, yeah, and dealing with a non-functioning refridgerator/freezer. Did I mention that I think I'd been serving my children spoiled milk? They forgave me.

Off to get the kiddos up from naps! The snow is fallin' and Christmas is in the air!


The Lynam's said...

Please fill this mother-to-be in on the wonders of your baby sling and the other thing... I need to know these things!!!!!!

Kendra ;) said...

What a great weekend! Just a few more days until break!!!


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