Thursday, October 16, 2008

Things I can no longer do...

1. I can no longer give my children a bath. Our big jacuzzi tub and this big belly don't mix. Leaning over is impossible. Good thing this usually falls under "Daddy duty" anyway.

2. I can no longer wear my wedding ring...without icing down my finger or lubing it up with butter first. Neither is very appealing. My fingers and toes look like fat little sausages. Blech.

3. I can no longer get up out of the suppine position (laying on my back) without rolling to one side first.

4. I can no longer bend over and pick-up toys without getting winded and feeling like this child is just going to fall out.

5. I can no longer keep from complaining. :-)


Kendra ;) said...

OMEGA! I hear ya sister! I remember how hard it was to roll from one side of the bed to the other!
Well...other than you, I chekc/stalk daily... - she is her past ones about will bawl your brains makes me realize how lucky I am.

also.. - she has amazing faith and has had a very hard pregnancy...she is also funny! she is funny another tear jerking story...

Happy stalking!


Heather said...

Trust me... if I could take some of those away from you so you could, I totally would!! Some of us are DYING to have a list of no longer can dos :) Seriously though... think of the things you CAN do... or will be able to again, soon (ie: your super power post from last year)

ryangie said...

just was thinking of you this morning...i wish i could give you and that babe a big hug...i know it's easy for me to say, but enjoy that belly...i was just thinking how i sort of (in a very strange way) :) envy you at this moment....we love you....hope to catch up soon!

the sears family

kleins said...

You're almost there! And just keep reminding yourself how you love being pregnant...personally I think you're crazy, but you always say how you love it. You're little tator tot is worth all of the "can't dos" and much more...and someday the little tator tot will appreciate all this hard work! :)

Chandra said...

I wish I was where you are! I think it is starting to wear me down...the throwing up at least once a day for over a month...hopefully the end is in sight! :) Enjoy the last few weeks with the belly before we get to meet another Starr!


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