Monday, October 13, 2008

Fantastic weekend! I am feeling so refreshed and energized. Guess that's what "sleeping in" until 8 am two mornings in a row and having 2 naps will do for ya!

Plus, my handsome hubby and I got to go on a date on Saturday night. We had so much fun! First we ate at PF Changs (YUM-O!), then did some Christmas shopping. Yes, I said Christmas shopping. I know it's early, but I'm starting to freak a little at the thought of having lots to do when this little bebe arrives. So, we got an encouraging start and I'm feeling really good. Not to mention the fact that J was bargain shopper of the night...that'll be a story for after the Christmas presents are opened. But, let's just say, we got 25% off our biggest purchase of the night!

Saturday we enjoyed, what was probably, our last swim day of the season at my parent's. We've had sooooo much fun this summer and I'm proud to say that Addi has become quite the little fish. Elijah loves the water too, but we're excited for next summer when he can wear "wings" and be as independent as he so desperately wants to be!

Oh, oh, guess what I just "bought" of {these}. I'd been *lusting* over them for a while now, but just couldn't justify buying one new...especially if this is our last (???). So, I found one on Craigslist for a reasonable price. It had only been used for one child and is right here in A-town, so I don't have to travel far to pick it up. I'm soooooo excited!

So, I guess things are coming together. For a while people had been asking if I was "ready" for this baby and I wasn't quite sure how to answer. Mentally/emotionally, I'm ready. I can NOT wait to hold this little tater-tot and to finally know who he or she is.

Physically, I think we have most things we need. Clothes, obviously we have covered. Boy or girl, we have plenty. The trick will be seeing how they work since our seasons will be a little off. Obviously, my first two were summer babies, so I'm guessing this child will forever be in clothes that are too big or too small. :-) I probably need to get some new white onesies that don't have poop/puke stains on them (don't you think this baby deserves that at the very least?!?!) and a few other "little things" -- you know breast pads, nipple cream -- all the fun stuff. Also on my list of things to get are two "coming home" outfits -- one boy and one girl. It's been a little tough knowing what to do about the room situation since we aren't sure where we'll be living. Regardless of whether or not we move soon, however, we definitely need to get a dresser or some place to put Eli's clothes, so I can load up the changing table with newborn necessities.

That's about all for now. Thanks for letting me get my list out of my already-cluttered brain.

Busy week for us...I work at the hospital tomorrow night and J has conferences Wednesday and Thursday evenings. All of that on top, of course, of the usual -- preschool, Little Cherubs, gymnastics, and storytime. It's now wonder I feel crazy most of the time!

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Anonymous said...

I just bought my future niece/nephew the cutest present today. I can't wait to give it to you guys! It was going to be for Christmas but now I'm not sure that I can wait that long. Your going to love it!


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