Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's a little look into my messed up mind, my irrational fears, and just plain insanity...

Before Elijah was born I had this horrible fear that just because he was a boy, I would feel like I couldn't show him the same affection that I show his sister. Bizzare, I know, but true. I worried that it would feel weird lovin' and kissin' on a little boy like I was used to doing to Addi. Crazy/irrational/weird. But, hey, that's how I roll.

In reality, he's probably so tired of me being in his face, hugging and kissing him. The wonder of love still never ceases to amaze me. Now at the age of one, Elijah Wrigley is all boy despite ridiculous amounts of affection. No denying he's a "mommy's boy" through and through, but I love it. Here's a little about my little boy at 12-months:
* He's only in the 40% for weight. And, he eats. A lot.
* Eli loves Goldfish. Only the multi-colored kind though.
* When he plays with cars and trucks he makes a "vrooom" noise. We didn't teach him this.
* His days are filled with crawling, climbing, throwing, chasing...all things boy. Mom has a hard time keeping up these days.
* Open mouth kisses are his specialty.
* Every dog is greeted with "Hi, Ty." Oh, and that super sweet voice melts my heart.
* Brace yourselves...he still takes a bottle and nurses for comfort before bed or in the morning. I know, bad mom. I'm just in no hurry for my little boy to grow up.
* Wrestling with Daddy is a daily event.
* He lets his sister boss him around. She's good at it, too.
* Self-soothing comes in the form of the two middle fingers on his left hand, and twirling of the hair with is right hand.
* Eli loves balls. Any would do, but his favorite these days is a basketball. He sits under his little hoop in the playroom & throws the ball at it over and over again.
I could go on and on, nothing I could write here would do justice to how cute, lovable, and plain adored he is. Obviously our lives have been forever changed by this little boy and once again, God reassured me that my all my craziness is just that...crazy. I will always have enough love for all my children, just as He does for us.
Happy 1st birthday, Elijah Wrigley. You are soooo loved!

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