Friday, August 29, 2008

Birthday madness...

I know I've been a major blogging slacker when it comes to updates on the kids' birthdays. So, here's the run down:

We did a Mickey/Minnie themed combined party. Just family, which ended up being 25 or so people. Nothing exciting for food -- bbq chicken sandwhiches, baked beans (thanks, Mom!), cole slaw (thanks, Grandma!), chips, and cake & ice cream, of course.

It was a great day and the kids were blessed with so many great gifts (mental note to self: get those thank-yous done!).

Here are a million, bazillion pics for proof of the fun!

And, here are a couple more from Addison's actual birthday...

I love this one. She was being sang to at Hickory Park. Too funny.


brilfamily said...

Wow, looks like a GREAT time! You have two such adorable kids and I can't wait to see the third!!!

adamandkendra said...

What a FUN birthday!!! Who made the cake?? It is amazing! You look great...and J...just the same and I remember! ;)


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