Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today is one of those days...

I'm not sure I can do it. Be a good mom to 3 kids, that is.

Elijah is teething, has a horrible diaper rash, and to say he is grumpy is putting it lightly.

Addison, she's acting as though she never gets one ounce of attention and is requiring the most out of me today. I've cuddled. I've raised my voice. I've pulled out some "special" toys and crafts. Nothing seems to be doing the trick...with either of them.

I'm tired and can't wait until nap time (the kids' nap time, that is). I'm looking forward to two hours of working peacefully. Ahhh....I'm already feeling better.

Off to get the kids lunch & put them down for NAPS!

1 comment:

The Alexanders said...

Hang in there Missy! You are Super Mom! :)


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