Thursday, July 03, 2008

My princess is back...literally & figuratively.
Addi returned from a night/morning at Grandpa & Grandma Starr's house (no, I didn't send her away -- they offered!) and is back to her sweet self. As I was laying her down for a nap this afternoon, she took my face in her hands and said "I missed you, Mom." Of course, my heart melted.
It's good to have her back.

AND, thanks to everyone (especially my husband, who wrote me the sweetest note) for their encouraging's nice to know I'm not the only one who has one of "those" days every once in a while.


The Alexanders said...

HA...These days this little piggy is lucky to go to Target...times are a changing!

Heather said...

OK, you're like the BEST Mom I know... I knew all would be great! And mad props to J on the note! Too sweet :-)

Anonymous said...

NOT to are an AWESOME mom! Patient...but strict when you have to be, funny...but serious when necesary, attentive...but not overly so (we all know some of those!). Besides, you have a great hubby, G'mas and G'pas who LOVE to take over/help out (!), aunts and uncles who adore all of you, and a faith in God to rival no one. You'll be fine...most days. :) 143mom

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Miss! Sounds like your stressing! I haven't been able to check out the blog for awhile, if you guys ever need anything feel free to give T and I a call and we can come over and watch the kids for awhile if you guys just need to get away for a bit. Your the best mom I know and how you do it on a daily basis is far beyond me. Just think in a couple weeks we are going to be having fun in the sun in California! I can't wait to be able to hang out with you guys since we don't get to a lot with all of our busy schedules. Hope you are having a better day and we are here if you guys need anything!

Alisa said...

soooooo been there! You're great and you're going to be so fantastic with 3 chillens!!! Thank you for writing the real stuff - it's such a crazy and selfish as that sounds!

The Laumans said...

there are many days i could have written your post. then they always do or say the sweetest things to make me feel better! you will do great with three!!


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