Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yesterday I wrote up a fairly lengthly blog post regarding the events of the morning and for whatever reason I decided not to "publish" it at that time. Glad I waited. Today, 24-hours and a good night's sleep later, that post just seems dramatic and over-written (something I have a tendancy to do...surprise, I know), especially in light of the Parkersburg tornado and recent severe weather across the state. So, anyway, this is what we woke up to yesterday morning:

Apparently, the tree was rotting near the roots and in the strong storm winds it just snapped.
The bad news:
We lost a great tree. It was a 30+ year-old Linden that provided wonderful shade & added the the "curb-appeal" of our house. Without it, our yard looks bare.
The GREAT news:
No one was hurt and the tree, by the grace of God, fell away from the house. Had it fallen towards the house it would have gone through the window that Elijah's crib is under (this was the part I was a little melodramatic about in my original write-up).
Yes, it is kind of a pain in the butt & these type of things are the things I hate about being an adult and a homeowner. However, by mid-morning a tree service was here taking care of the mess and now we're just getting used to our much more "open" front yard. All the while counting our blessings.

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Chandra said...

wow- looks like you guys really got hit! It seems that the severe weather this season is really bad everywhere! Hope things are going well.


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