Wednesday, June 04, 2008

14 weeks...

Here's a little update on me:

Went to the doctor this morning. Everything looks great. Dr. T was able to doppler the heartbeat. Silly me forgot to ask what it was, though. I swear you lose your mind sitting in that waiting room for 45 minutes...only to have a 5 minute appointment.

Side note: I wrote "that waiting room" for a reason. That place is a trip! All kinds of people, I tell ya. That's another post for another day, but for now I'll leave you with this -- I'm lucky. I've got a "baby's daddy" and clothes that can cover my big 'ol prego belly. Not judging, though. I'm just glad everyone there is getting prenatal care!

Back to my appointment...besides hearing our baby's heartbeat I was most pleased with my weight gain (or lack there of!). I've been eating my way through this house & every resturant I encounter, so I was dreading today's weigh-in. All is well, though, and no weight gain lectures were necessary (I've had my share & could recite them word for word).

The appointment was short and sweet, which is something that used to annoy me when I was pregnant with my other two. I LOVED my appointments and was so frustrated when all I would do is show up, pee in a cup, and listen to the baby's heartbeat. These days I welcome the short appointment. I find peace in knowing that short appointment = healthy baby. Not to mention the fact that I always feel like I need to hurry home to the kids, even though the grandmas and grandpas seem to have it under control.

Well, guess that's it. Belly pics to come...someday. I'm a little self-conscious about the size of my belly. It's big. With Addi I didn't "pop" until 20 weeks, with Eli it was more like 17 weeks and with this one...well, the "popping" is done. So, I'll post pics when I'm feeling a little more comfortable and not so huge. I know not everyone loves a pregnant belly & lots of people could go without seeing one. I'm not one of them. I LOVE being pregnant and LOVE my pregnant belly. It is something that I want to remember and it is important to me that I document my growth for my kids to see. Therefore, if my pics make you uncomfortable or you don't care for the anatomy of a pregnant body, then...well, just don't look. Just had to get that out there. :-)

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Heather said...

Glad to hear things are good! I told J today that you all have to work on the up-keep of the blog now that I won't hear daily stories from J. Also, I'll be working on getting you parking passes for the games again this year :) OHHH... and I can't wait to see the belly pics... I love them, too :) :)


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