Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Not our usual PB & J...

Today for lunch I made baked potatoes. A far cry from our usual lunch staples: pb & j, mac & cheese, pot pies, quesadillas, and turkey & cheese sandwiches. I went all out, a full baked potato bar. Bacon, chives, cheese, butter, salsa, sour cream. Why? Mama had a craving. Oh, they were soooo good.

As most of you know, I'm not one of those pregnant girls who only gains 15 pounds and can wear her pre-pregnancy jeans throughout the entire 10 months. Nope, not me. Me...I gain 10 lbs. within a week of finding out I'm pregant and take comfort in knowing the "going rate" these days for weight gain, according to my OB/GYN, is 25-35 lbs. Whew. Rest easy, I will gain every.last.pound of those alloted 35. Why? Because I have cravings. Not usually anything out of the ordinary, but when something sounds good, I tend to obsess over it until I get it. Please, don't get me wrong....those who know me, know that I'm a very diet/workout/body obsessed person (one might call me vein), so I'm constantly counting calories as they go in my mouth and calculating how far I'll have to run, how long I'll have to kickbox, or how many crunches/pushups/squats I'll have to do to work off whatever craving I may be indulging it. Not all my cravings are bad, though. Yesterday for a mid-morning snack I was dying for carrotts and cucumbers with ranch.

In anticipation of my lunchtime feast, the kids & I went on a run this morning & it felt GOOD! I was in a little bit of a funk (ok, I felt like crap!) last week and didn't run at all (we squeezed in a couple walks). This morning was just one of those time when you feel like you could run forever. Of course, the cheering from "peanut gallery" in the double jogger is great motivation. Addi yells, "faster, Mommy, faster!" and Elijah screams with delight, while his little feet kick so fast I think he could propel the stroller without my help.

Those two are quite the pair, though. At one point during our run I looked down to see them holding hands. Precious. Wish I would have had my camera, but with a double jogger, my ipod, and a 100 lb. dog, it was just another thing to weigh us down. :-(

Well, I'd better run (ha! No pun intended. Get it?!?). I'm meeting a college friend, Jill, for dinner tonight. Wonder what I'll eat?

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Heather said...

Do you remember a while ago when I said hero to you??? Seriously, do you ever stop?!?!??!?!? Hope you're bump is doing well :)


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