Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lessons from Mom...

Today is Mother's Day. It's my third, but today isn't about me. It's about my mom. I realize that now. Unfortunately, it took until I, myself, was a mother to realize how truly incredible my own is. I always knew she was something special, but I'm telling you...she's extraordinary. She's everything you could want in a mom and more. Most of you reading this have probably met my mom at some point, but for those who have not, let me tell you a little about her.
My mom is passionate. She's passionate about the most important things in life (God, her family, her friends, her home, and her business.) and even about some of the things others might call "unimportant" (sports, Cyclones, shopping, exercising, and having fun). Proudly, I'm aware that my sensitive heart, off-the-cuff emotions, love for others, compassion, and the fact that I tend to give too much of my self are all characteristics passed on to me by my mother. Physically, we don't look much a like. We have the same nose and share the "Laidley" thighs, but that's where it ends. My mom is beautiful.
Truth be told, I could go on and on about my mom. She's my mentor and my best friend. More importantly, she, along with my dad, has been an incredible teacher. The life lessons learned are plenty and I'm positive my list isn't all inclusive. However, I would like to share it with you. So, here it is...
1. Worship God with all your heart.
2. Laughter is contagious.
3. Christmas is magical.
4. Chores are necessary and good discipline.
5. It is okay to snort when you're laughing hard.
6. Forgive.
7. Trust your instincts.
8. Always own a good pair of jeans and dependable tennis shoes.
9. When at home, wear'll feel more productive.
10. A good pedicure is priceless.
11. It's ok to cry.
12. Shopping for fancy dresses and high heels is fun & humorous.
13. Chocolate can fix a lot of things.
14. Always remove your make-up before bed.
15. Standup straight. Sit up straight.
16. Don't be too loud -- it's annoying to others around you.
17. Never try to drown a mouse while your children are watching.
18. Don't complain, but if you need to -- mom will listen.
19. Read to learn. Read to relax.
20. Your house will always feel cleaner when it has been vacuumed.
21. You can solve most of your problems by sitting on the front step or with a brisk walk.
22. Family comes first. Always.
23. Take walks with your husband.
24. Go to Menards and Home Depot with your husband.
25. Write thank-you notes.
26. Take lots of pictures.
27. Make to-do lists.
28. Pack never know what kind of weather or situation you'll encounter.
29. Be prepared and organized.
30. Eat meals together as a family whenever possible.
31. Clean up after yourself.
32. Go to your kids' games. Sit in the rain. Sit in the snow. Sit in the Iowa sun. And cheer.
33. Tell your kids you love them. Lots.
34. Hug your husband in front of your kids.
35. Drive carefully.
36. Create family traditions.
37. Don't make your kids eat everything on their plates.
38. Life goes too fast...enjoy today.
I need to stop now or I'd be writing all day. Even with all of those lessons under my belt I know that I have lots to learn if I ever want to be the kind of mom she has been to me.
I love you, Mom. Thanks for everything.

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That's the girl I know too.



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