Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Elmo, swimming, and nice weather!

A wonderful weekend was had by all!

Addi & I enjoyed a night out on the town with my friend, Liz, and her daughter, McKenna. We took the girls out to dinner, then to see ELMO Live at Wells Fargo Arena. They had a great time! It was hillarious to watch. McKenna squeeled with excitement every couple of minutes and Addi...well, Addi did just as I expected...sat and took it all in with eyes the size of baseballs. She did a great job of interacting and participating when prompted by the characters.

Saturday was beautiful! I started the day with a run (kid free...I love when my husband is home!), "supervised" a landscaping project that J and our dads worked on, went to J's cousin's graduation party (great food!), and spent the majority of the afternoon sitting by the pool while Eli napped and Addi swam. It was heavenly. And I was in major need of a tan! I figured with J's big landscaping project he would want us out of the house and out of his way. :-) It was a great excuse to have a lazy day!

Eli and the graduate, Logan (aka Logi, as Addison likes to call him)

Sunday we went to Church, ate lunch at my parent's house, had a wonderful nap, and finished the day at Bible Study.
It's amazing what nice weather can do for your spirits!
Here are a couple more pics of an afternoon at the park with J's mom:

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