Thursday, May 01, 2008

Baby boom...

This post is a little late, but I was waiting for most of my mommy-to-be friends to pop and did they ever! Still waiting on a couple more, but wanted to congratulate some very special mommies (& daddys)...

First of all, my great friend, Angie, and her husband, Ryan, welcomed little Moriah LeAnn on April 21. She is absolutely adorable and from what I can tell, she has her mommy's eyes & nose and her daddy's mouth. Lucky girl! I can only that hope Moriah and my kiddos will grow up to be as close of friends as their mommies and daddys. Just a little background...Ang and I became friends in 3rd grade, played sports together & even went to Central together. In addition, Ryan and J grew up together, playing sports. And, a cool, little fact for you: Moriah was born in Belgium. How neat is that?!? Congrats, Ang & Ryan!

Shelley (a high school friend and teammate), Nick, and their twins, Cole and Claire became a family of 5 with the addition of Cane Charles. So exciting! I wonder if Cane has any idea what he is in for! :-) Welcome Cane! We can't wait to meet you!

Other friends of ours, Mandy and Chad, introduced little Caden Ronald on April 8. He was welcomed by big brother, Cody. Watch out girls: These Klein boys are cuuute!

Next on list (yes, I realize these are out of order) is Kendra and her husband, Adam. Kendra teaches with J & has to be one of the most sweet, patient people I know. Afterall, she puts up with J more hours out of the day than I do. :-) Baby Dixon arrived on April 13 and is, without a doubt, going to be one of the best dressed boys in town! Congrats, Kendra & Adam.

Finally...a friend through my cousin, Chandra...Alicia & her husband, Mike, welcomed baby boy #2. Noah Thomas was born on April 29 and from the picture I saw has a full head of dark hair. I'm a sucker for babies with lots of hair! Congrats, in particular, to big brother Caeden!

Again, a huge congratulations from the Starr's to all these wonderful friends. We LOVE and appreciate the additonal playmates.

You know, these days there is so much talk about the state of our country & world. Like everyone, I'm worried. However, I find peace in knowing that these little ones are our future. Watch out, world: These are going to be GOOD kids. Strong, intelligent, and kind, I predict.

Still waiting on Stef, Jana, and Stacey to pop. We're anxiously awaiting their news!

Until later...


brilfamily said...

Thanks for the comment Missy! You are so sweet. Hope things are going well on your end!!!

Kendra :) said...

I am honored to be part of the famous starrfam blog!! Tis the season for babies!!! They are everywhere!! A lady at pbk would always say..."it must have been a cold winter." ;)

ryansears5 said...

thank-you very much for the shout-out :)
much love, the sears family


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