Monday, March 31, 2008

Playing catch-up...again!

Ugh. I had to get rid of that hideous backround. Not that this one is a whole heck of a lot better, but it's a little reminder of sunny spring days...something I need on a rainy one like today. So, it'll do and honestly, I'm just glad it isn't snowing. There's something about a rain shower/thunderstorm that is comforting (in moderation!) from the confines of home.
Once again, I'm a little behind on posting. In a nutshell, here are the highlights...
* J's back to school after a refreshing spring break. Trying to figure out where he wants to teach next year. He's so great, whoever gets him will be lucky. You hear that, Ankeny Community Schools?!?
* Last Saturday we cheered on the Cyclone women (and Coach P) at Wells Fargo Arena. It was a good game and they got the win. Not that I saw much of the game. Between the two kids and trying to catch up with my good friend, Mandy (who is just about ready to pop!), I can't say I paid very close attention to the game. Mandy and her husband, Chad, have a little boy Cody. He is just too cute & Addi thought so too. :-) We wish they lived a little closer, but hope to get together more ofen!

Cody & Addi watching the game.

* Both kids had a bug. Addi, more than Eli. She and J stayed home from the Easter festivites at my Grandma's. Bless her heart, she mustered up just enough energy to hunt for a few eggs & candy here at home.

"Snot? What snot?"

* Elijah and I joined the Voigt clan for lunch at a quaint resturant (next to the liquor store!) in Hampton, followed by the notorious Easter egg hunt at my grandma's apartment.
*Addi had her first dentist appointment on Thursday. Despite the happy face in the pictures, it wasn't the greatest experience. Her next is scheduled for September, so we have some work to do before then.

* I enjoyed a WONDERFUL evening with friends in Pella on Thursday. We visited my friend, Corrie, and her new little peanut, Mallory. Then, ate pizza at Georges and finished off the evening with ice cream at Smokey Row. The food was great, but the conversation even better. I needed the break and this was just what the doctor ordered.
* Saturday I went to baby shower for a good friend from college, Stef. Once again, I got to see some really great friends and rub Stef's cute little baby bump. I miss it. The bump, that is.
* That evening Addi stayed at my parents and J, Eli, and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Boston's. Yummy. We decided that life with only one was definitely much easier, but not nearly as fun! We missed our little girl and were anxious to get her back, but are so greatful that both of our parents are close & LOVE to take the kiddos on occasion. Blessed, I tell ya.

* And, of course, we have been trying to take full advantage of the somewhat nicer weather!

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