Monday, March 31, 2008

My baby boy...

Just a few "need to know" facts about my second blessing...


* He has, simply, the most adorable dimple on his left cheek.

* He adores his big sister.

* The dog is his greatest source of entertainment. Followed by his sister, his toes, paper, and my hair.

* Today he has 2.5 teeth.

* Refuses any type of bottle, sippy cup, or pacifier. This, of course, makes me his on-call dairy.

* He isn't a consistently great sleeper at night, but can nap with the best of 'em.

* LOVES to cuddle (especially in the middle of the night).

* Makes my heart melt with his big blue eyes.

* Is the proud owner of 6 + pairs of swim trunks (no worries, they will ALL be put to good use).

* Has no idea how much he's loved.

* Won't take his eyes off his daddy whenever he's around.

* Loves his Rainforest bouncer, having his head & neck rubbed, and being diaper-free.

* Is ticklish just about everywhere.

* Has had a diaper rash for over a month and nothing seems to clear it.

* Attended his first ISU game at 3 weeks of age.

* Goes by Eli, Lijah, Ijah, bubba, boo, boo-ger, Dubbs (Mommy hates that one!)

* Shares his birthday with: Frank Gifford, Kareem Abudl-Jabbar, Kathy-Lee Gifford, Angela Basset, Madonna, Steve Carell, and Rumer Willis.

* He has nails that grow at a rate that would make any girl jealous.

* When he wakes up in the morning or after a nap, his cheeks are rosey.

* Really, he is just the sweetest little boy.


Heather said...

Absolutely precious! Don't forget the infamous E-Dubbs :) That Daddy of his... he's nuts!!!

brilfamily said...

He is adorable!!!


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