Monday, March 10, 2008


The Today show did a report last week on the "new" concept of "Momnesia." The male reporter (I point out that he was male only because any female reporter would have known that this is NOT a new concept!) described "momnesia" as the occasional forgetfulness that women tend to aquire once they enter into motherhood. Any mom reading this knows exactly what he is talking about. When I was pregnant I affectionately referred to these episodes "placenta brain" & now I just call them my "mommy moments." These moments are a part of my daily life & I'm learning to live with them. Ironically, on the day of this broadcast I had two of my own episodes of momnesia, so I thought I'd share.

#1. So, it was noon and the kids & I pulled up to Recess where we were meeting some of my friends from the hospital and their kids. I looked around, but didn't see any cars I recognized, so we just headed inside, paid our $6 and got to playing. Looking around, I still didn't see any of my friends, but since they were all coming from out of town & each had a kid or two in tow, I figured they were all just running a little late. A few more minutes pass and I'm still not seeing anyone, so I call my friend, Abby. She answers the phone & immediately says, "I'm running a few minutes late. We'll be right there." So I wait. And wait some more. 15 minutes later, my phone rings. It's Abby. She asks "Where are you? Kaycie and I are the PLAYGROUND FOR KIDS." Duh! Right time, wrong place. I wasn't about to drive all the way across town & pay another $6 or $7 bucks. I was so mad at myself, but not totally surprised.

#2. That same night I was trying a new recipe -- some type of chicken, broccoli and rice (J was really excited, let me tell you!). It called for a minimal amount of ingredients (all things I already had...that never happens!) and only needed to cook for 20 minutes. Just my kind of & easy! The recipe called for instant rice, so I grabbed my box out of the pantry, quick measured and dumped it in. See where this is going yet? 15 minutes pass and it isn't looking anywhere close to being done. Another 15 minutes pass and still -- the rice is hard has rocks. Yep, you guessed rice wasn't instant...just the plain 'ol take-forever-to-cook-even-in-boiling-water rice. Blech. J came to the rescue and brought us take-out from Quiznos. Again, I'm an idiot!

It's possible that I redeemed myself later in the evening.

While talking to my mom the other day I realized that I had never made cookies from scratch with Addi. We've made plenty of the pre-made, cut & bake ones, but we all know that those just aren't the same. I know, I'm a horrible mom. Lucky for us I received this great (& super easy!) recipe for Cheesecake cookies from my good friend, Ang. We had fun, made a big mess and ate too much, but it was worth it! I ended up sending most of them to school with J the next day so that I wouldn't eat them all in one of my many moments of weakness. Thanks for the recipe, Ang, I know it won't be long until you'll be baking them with your little girl. :-)

Finally, who's day wouldn't be complete with a couple lighthearted and funny Addi stories, along with some pics of the kiddos? I'd hate to disappoint, so here you go...

Story #1: A couple of weeks ago Addison was having a little bit of a diaper rash issue (ended up being strep, but that's beside the point). We had tried just about everything to clear it up. You name it, we tried it. In a desperate attempt, I pulled out some medicated powder. I used it first thing in the morning when she woke up & by mid-morning she was ready for another application. I had her all laid out on her floor when she asked, "You sprinkle more crumbs on me Mom?" I made her repeat it a couple of times to make sure I was hearing her correctly, but sure enough, the poor girl though I was sprinkling her with crumbs. Too funny.

Story #2: One day J & I were putting groceries away and failing miserably and keeping Addi out of our way. She ended up finding the sack with several containers of baby food and was "helping" by taking them out & putting them on the island. In the meantime Eli is getting restless, as it was dinnertime, and kind of fussing. Addi, being the little mommy she is, yells out from the kitchen, "Just a minute Eli, I making your dinner, honey." Such a sweet girl. Now, if she could only learn to feed him too!

And pics as promised...

My little mommy. I'll let you guess what she is doing to her baby.

"Check out my two teeth & this cool suspend my spit trick I can do!"


Chandra said...

Those stories are hilarious! I actually did hear the momnesia thing on the local news. I told Darryl that is what I have from the westies...unfortunately I think it only refers to human children!
Eli is getting so big and Addi is adorable! Sounds like a fun time in the Starr household!

Heather said...

Oh great... I already have those amnesia moments, and I'm not even a MOM YET!!! Crud... what will happen when I finally DO become a mommy? Oh man. By the way, the cookies that you and Addi made were quite tasty :) Thanks for sharing Addi :) :) :) And Missy, another pulitzer prize winning blog entry :)


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