Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter blues...

Sorry about the lack of posting. I've been in a funk lately. This weather is really exhausting. I think our good Lord is trying to teach me a little refresher lesson on patience.

I want spring to be here NOW. But, I know it will be here soon enough...on His time. Until then, we will continue to wear our sunhats and flip flops inside.

No worries, I have a bunch of posts in this pretty little head of mine, but just can't find the time to get them out.

My time is something I've really been struggling with lately. There just never seems to be enough of it! I know what you're thinking. Right now you're saying to yourself, "But, Missy, you work from HOME." I know, I know. I don't get it either. Our days & weeks are pretty structured & scheduled. I have certain days that I do laundry, vacuum, clean, etc. and I plan out my meals & grocery shopping, but for some reason at the end of the day I still feel like I didn't have enough time to get everything done. I admit, part of my problem stems from the fact that after having children I have accuired a mild case of OCD (self-diagnosed, of course). I thrive on being organized & my goal is to make each day run better than the one before. This is really stressing me out. I'm a list-maker & come by it very naturally (right, Mom?), but it has gone too far. I now make lists of the lists I need to make. It is absolutely crazy, I know. So, I'm putting an end to my maddness. It is now 8:03 am & I'm officially 3 minutes "behind schedule," but I DON'T CARE! Aww, it feels great.

No, really, I know I just need to do a better job of managing my time. Oddly enough, I anticipate my craziness will lessen with the changing of the seasons. This is my prayer anyway.

I'm open to suggestions, though, what do you do to make sure your house is running smoothly and you are managing your time well? FYI...getting up earlier is NOT an option, seeing as I'm already up at 4 am. :-)


Chandra said...

I suggest a vacation! :)

I think you come by the OCD from our dad' must have got that gene, because I sure didn't!
You need to sit back, enjoy life, and it is ok if not everything gets done on your list!

Cute pics as always.
your fav. cousin...chandra

Anonymous said...

Ship the kiddos to Iowa City =)

Jodi said...

For the record, you're the best Mom EVER!!

Yes, you did get this gene from me. Sorry! :) Not my fault...I got it from MY mom!

I don't know how you could be MORE organized, for pete's sake!! :)



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