Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow days

Next to Christmas, a snow day off of school, was the BEST when I was a kid. Luckily, as a big kid, I still get to enjoy some of that excitment when J is home from school. It is so nice to have him around! The days just seem to go so much smoother & he is great about entertaining the kids. Wish I could say we all got bundled up and went out to frolick in the snow, but that's not the case. In reality, we've all been in our pajamas the majority of the day & Addi has spent several hours in front of the TV. I usually try to pay pretty close attention to the amount of TV she watches because she'd be glued to it if we let her. But, today is different. It's a SNOW DAY! Tonight, however, we're looking forward to getting out & enjoying dinner at my parents. It's such a nice treat when I don't have to do the cooking.

In an unfortunately circumstance my MIL (that's mother-in-law for you non-computer-speaking people) has hurt her knee. She's a tough cookie, so I'm sure she'll be back on her feet soon, but she could use some prayers.

Adding to the list of ill-feelings -- it seems as though we're battling some type of bug at our house. Addi spiked a temp yesterday afternoon, then went on to puke all over the couch. Poor baby. I hate to jinx myself (*knocks on wood*), but our kids are never sick. Addi has had an ear infection & they both have had a couple of colds, but never the flu or any serious illness. And, one would think that as a pediatric nurse, I'd be able to keep my cool when the sickness hits, but oooooohhhhh no! I was a wreck. In my defense, I think most of my anxiety stemmed from the fact that I was just getting ready to go to work at the hospital when the fun began. I knew J could handle it, but I wanted to be there. I wanted to be the one to hold her hair back when she puked. Well, off to work I went & everyone here survived. Addi appeared to be back to her normal, crazy self this morning. Praise the Lord.

On a lighter's the question of the day...

I make milk. What's your super power? I'd love to hear.

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ryansears5 said...

no super powers here yet ;), but i'm hoping to get some soon! i still love snow days too...hope everyone is feeling good in your house by you guys!!


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