Wednesday, January 02, 2008


It's a sad day in our house. The Christmas decorations are down AND J is back at school.

It was so nice having him around for two weeks. Not sure who enjoyed it more...Addi, Elijah or J. Those three are like the Three Amigos. During the time he was home Addison would wake up a full hour earlier than usual just to "lay with Daddy and watch 'toons (cartoons)." Inevitably, there was a break down this morning when she awoke to discover that Daddy wasn't home anymore, just boring old Mom. For some reason, cuddling with Mommy doesn't cut it. And, Elijah, since Daddy has been on break, Eli has acquired quite the passion for football. Those boys watched countless games on J's new bigscreen. And I thought he was going to be a Momma's boy. Guess not.

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