Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

Addi says the most hillarious things these days. Everyday she surprises us with new words and sentences. So, here are just a couple funny stories.

#1 A few weeks ago on our way to Church Addi tells me that she is going to play the guitar at Chruch. Um, ok. Then she says, "and the boy plays the piano." Confused, I ask, "What boy? What's his name?" Her response..."Jesus." Come to find out, her little friend, Gabe, that she plays with in the nursery brings his guitar and lets her play it while he plays the piano. Apparently, she thinks his name is "Jesus."

Needless to say, the whole concept of "Jesus" has been very confussing to her. We're working on it.

#2 During a recent shopping trip to Target I decided to get Addison involved in picking out Christmas presents for her brother & cousin. When I'd ask what she thought Elijah or Payton (7 yrs) would like, she'd point to Dora, dolls, and other toys that she wants, and would say, "Payton (or Elijah) needs that!" Very tricky.

#3 Yesterday Addi & I were in her room when I heard the dog getting into trouble, so I yelled out to him. Of course, Addi does the same and tells him to "be good." I then explain to her that Daddy & I will scold Ty and she can just worry about herself. She then tells me, "Daddy says Addison is bossy." She is listening!

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