Thursday, September 20, 2007

So cute.

My kids are adorable. I know, I know, everyone thinks their kids are the cutest, but SERIOUSLY, these kids are something special.

I was reminded of one of the best sounds in the world infant "talking." All of a sudden, Elijah just started making the cutest little sounds. The funniest part is that he has this adorable low voice. Everytime he makes a sound I find myself kind of caught off guard. It's like I forget that he's a boy (of course, diaper changes are a good reminder :-) ).

And Miss Addison...she says the funniest things these days! For instance, today after her nap we were practicing saying her full name. So, I said it a few time & she'd repeat me, then I told her to say it and instead of saying, "Addison Clark Starr" she says "Addison Coach Starr." HA! She's been around those baseball boys too much! Ok, it gets funnier. After practicing the name, I asked her where she lived, hoping she'd remember how to say Ankeny. However, instead of Ankeny, she told me that she lives in "Mommy's house." That's right, Addi, Mommy's house. Now, go tell Daddy.

In other news, my poor boy still has a rash all over his face & chest. When I took him to the doctor they said that it was just "baby acne," but I know better. Call it mommy's intuition (or maybe my nursing experience), but this is NOT acne. Besides, Grandma Terri agreed. So, guess we will paying Dr. Schuette another visit.

By now you have probably noticed that this is not my usual "blogging style," but I'm now making a conscious effort to be better. There are just too many funny/crazy/weird things that happen here during the day to NOT keep this blog updated.

Happy reading.

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ryansears5 said...

yay! love the extra blogging! :) love you....ang


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