Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elijah's Birthday!

Eli & G'ma JoJo

Our first picture as a family of 4!!!

Papa and Addi seeing her little brother


I did it!

Brian, Jenni, Scottie, and my dad waiting at the hospital...

August 16, 2007 –

It was a long day. A long day, with a wonderful ending.

The fun began at 5:00 am with a call to Mercy Labor and Delivery, as instructed by my doctor, to confirm that they still had enough “room in the Inn” for my induction, an induction scheduled out of desperation. J was to start school on Monday following my Friday induction & we didn’t want to risk going in to labor on my own on his first day of school. I, personally, have never been a huge fan of inductions, but since I had been 4 cm dilated for a couple of weeks, my doctor said that my cervix was favorable and that he thought the only intervention needed would be breaking my water. I think his optimism jinxed us. Anyway, J’s mom arrived at our house that morning a little before 6:00 to stay with Addi. We said our goodbyes to our first baby and headed for the hospital to have another.

By 6:30 am we were checked in to our “labor suite,” hooked up to monitors, and still giddy with excitement. Dr. Fagerland arrived at 6:45 am, broke my water & gave our nurse, Joanie, instructions to begin Pitocin at 9:00 am if needed. And the waiting began. My mom arrived shortly after Dr. Fagerland and joined in the fun. My dad and both brothers (including Jenni) came a couple of hours later, saying they were staying until the end…obviously, they didn’t know what they were committing to! By 9 a.m. I had made very little progress & wasn’t having many good contractions, so I was started on Pitocin. At 11:00 I was beginning to have lots of pain & decided it would be a great time to get the epidural. Joanie agreed & said that she thought we should call for it right away because she had a “feeling I was getting close.” Yeah right.

The anesthesiologist arrived soon after & that is when things started to go down hill. An hour & two tries later, the epidural was in & I was resting comfortably. Joanie checked me again & I was only 5 cm. Disappointed with my progress (or lack there of!) I tried to relax and enjoy the time with my family. The next couple of hours were a blur. I spent most of that time feeling nauseous and shaking (violently, according to my very nervous husband). Apparently, my blood pressure was dropping (70s/30s) every couple of minutes. Joanie was on the ball & gave me a couple of medications to raise my BP and to help with the nausea. Looking back, it was a tension-filled few hours, but J and my mom were so relaxed and helpful, that I didn’t realize how scary it was until it was over. Meanwhile, my poor dad and brothers just hung in there and tried to keep busy.

When things calmed down, I was checked again & had progressed to 7 cm, and then things stalled…again. Joanie said that the baby’s head wasn’t centered and that was why I wasn’t dilating very quickly. By 4:30 or so I was finally completed dilated & ready to push. Dr. Fagerland was called & when he arrived he discovered what the hold-up had been…the baby was sunny-side up (the back of his head was facing the back of me, rather than the front). I pushed a couple times & the baby’s heart rate dropped. Dr. Fagerland told me not to push. He explained that often time babies that are facing the wrong way need to be delivered with forceps or by c-section. Therefore, I was going to be moved to the OR. All of a sudden everyone was rushing. I was wheeled to the OR (Only accompanied by J. My mom had to stay behind.), transferred to the operating table & the doctors & nursed were setting up for a c-section. Once everything was set up Dr. Fagerland checked the position of the baby prior to applying the forceps and discovered that the little stinker had turned all on his own! I was then free to push & three big pushes later Elijah Wrigley was born at 5:24 pm, weighing in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. and measuring 20 inches long.

Eli was assessed by the NICU doctor & had APGARs of 9 & 9. He was perfect! We were taken back to our room where Elijah met his big sister and the rest of the family. We are so lucky everything went well in the end & feel sooooo blessed to have another healthy baby!

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