Monday, October 23, 2006

A day in the life...

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a 1 year old again? I mean, it has to be a life of luxury, right? Sleeping, playing, sleeping, eating, sleeping some more...sounds like the next best thing to heaven. Well, Addi wanted to share what life is like from day to day for a very busy for an almost 15 month old!

7:45 am - Wake up & cuddle with mom. As soon as I'm fully awake I like to point to my pumpkin and ask, "Was dat?" over and over again.

8:00 am - Breakfast. I prefer Cheerios with Berries & always eat the berries first. Sometimes Mom lets me watch the Wiggles while I'm eating. Also, I try to share with Ty when Mom isn't watching.

8:30 am - Time to get dressed!

9:00 am - With a full sippy cup of milk, Mom & I head down to the playroom/office where I watch Sesame Street & play while Mom works.

Depending on the day Mom takes me to playgroup at church, storytime at the library, or we have to run errands. I'm learning to love Target!

11:30 am - Curious George is on IPTV and, man, is he funny!!! I've even learned what monkeys say!

12:00 pm - LUNCHTIME! Mom & Dad always say I'm a good eater, so I try to live up to the title by downing everything put in front of me (even if it means falling asleep while eating!).

12:30 pm - Naptime!

2:00 pm - More cuddling with mom, then playing with (tourturing) Ty. I've learned to keep myself pretty well entertained while Mom is working. I especially love reading books, crawling on the furniture & pretending to talk on the phone.

3:30 pm - Snack time! Some of my favorites are: Goldfish, preztels, apples, string cheese, and Wheatables.

4:30 pm - Finally Mom is done working! Now we head upstairs to play some more & cook dinner.

5:00 pm - Daddy's home! This is my FAVORITE part of the day! As soon as Daddy washes his hands and changes his clothes, I like to pretend that he is a jungle gym.

5:30 pm - Dinner!

6:15 pm - I spend an hour every night with my Daddy while Mommy goes to kickboxing. We play, laugh & watch lots of sports!

7:30 pm - Time for a bath & a good favorite is "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?"

8:30 pm -'s been a LONG day!

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