Saturday, November 26, 2005

Go Clones...

"My uncles, Brian and Scottie, love me more than the Cyclones."

"My mommy would rather that I wear a Cyclones softball uniform, but this cheerleaders outfit will do."

G'pa Larry and "punkin" cuddling in his new chair.

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Stefenie said...

Missy, She is sooooo big!!! I love the pictures :) I cant believe she already does all these things..I swear you just had her!!! Wow, time flies. I am going to keep your blog as one of my favorites so I can see her and he beautiful pictures at any time!! :) I also LOVE how you caption them as if she was are so perfect :) Hope to see you soon!!! I come home form London Dec 12th!! Hope your Thanksgiving went well!


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